Being an Entrepreneur Inside a Startup

Using your entrepreneurial spirit inside your oranization as an employee and bringing new value to the table.

Being an Entrepreneur Inside a Startup

Many believe that in order to be an entrepreneur, you must start your own company, take risks and quit your current job.

Here is the reality instead, entrepreneurship is a result of a mindset and that mindset can live in harmony with your workplace or in your own company. It is a simple utilization of that mindset in your current environment or in a new one it a matter of choice.

You may say that you have the entrepreneurial spirit and mindset and you don't want to quit your job, so how would you utilize that state of mind in your current workplace?

The answer is quite simple, do what entrepreneurs do, find a problem inside your organization solve it and bring new value to the table.

For me as a software developer, such an opportunity would be presented as inefficient work inside R&D, possible automation solution for manual labor, improving the user experience or developer experience.

If you have a close look, you will find opportunities and if you don't, train yourself to be able to observe them. The ability to communicate efficiently with your colleagues and knowing which questions to ask should lead you to the right place.

When you spot the opportunity, don't wait for permissions, use can use your own personal time to start some POC and then show your colleagues and management what you have discovered and solved.

Collect valueable feedback from every source possible to improve your ideas and product and repeat that process as many times as possible.

When Management discovers the true value that your idea brings to the organization, you should receive resources the execute the full idea.

Don't shut down your ambition or your entrepreneurial spirit, raise it instead and train it in whatever environment you are in.